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LASIK or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis is the latest break-through in vision technology that has transformed the lifestyle of spectacle and contact lens users all over the world. It is one of the most practiced laser eye surgeries for correction of refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

This laser vision correction technique is performed on the cornea (Front clear portion of the eye) so that light entering the eye can be focused on the retina. The procedure involves reshaping of the cornea & changing its focusing power to improve the vision.



1) Myopia (Short-sightedness)

In this condition the eye is longer than normal, causing light rays to focus in front of the retina. Distant objects appear blur, while nearby objects can be clear. LASIK can correct myopia from -0.5 to -13Diopter.

2) Hyperopia (Far-sightedness)

In this condition the eye is shorter than normal, causing light rays to focus behind the retina. Near objects appear blur. LASIK can correct Hyperopia from +0.5 to +5 Diopter.

3) Astigmatism (Cylindrical power)

In this condition the cornea is not perfectly round but oval in shape. Hence eye is unable to focus clearly. It is usually seen along with myopia and hypermetropia.


1) Age ≥ 18years for girls, ≥ 21 years for boys.

2) No change or change <0.5Diopter in refraction in past 6 months.

3) No eye infections or injuries in past.

4) General health should be good.

5) Normal corneal topography

6) No other eye disorders like dry eye, retinal problems or glaucoma.

7) Discontinue contact lenses for atleast 1-2 weeks prior to testing.



A standard LASIK involve 3 steps:

STEP 1 :

A flap is created with the help of an automated micro-surgical blade(MICROKERATOME) or with Laser (Femto second). Then the flap is lifted and folded back.

STEP 2 :

Excimer Laser which is pre programmed with customized specific measurements for each eye then reshapes the cornea.

STEP 3 :

The corneal flap is then repositioned and the interface is rinsed.

3 Steps of a standard LASIK



There are 2 different types :

1) Standard LASIK

2) Blade free LASIK


Standard LASIK : In a standard LASIK a suction ring is placed on the eye to prevent the eye from moving. An automated microsurgical Instrument called the micro-keratome is used to create the corneal flap. Rest surgery is similar as in standard LASIK.

Microkeratome LASIK

Blade Free LASIK : ‘Femtosecond’ LASIK is 100% blade free procedure for those of you who feel hesitant about the surgical blade used in blade LASIK. Advantage of this laser is the precision of the flap with characteristics and dimensions that the surgeon customize for each eye. This is a fully auto-mated technique to create the flap.

FemtoSecond LASIK




  1. You should wear protective eye gear to prevent injury and dust in the eye for 15 days.
  2. Use timely medicines as prescribed.
  3. Eye checkup as advised.

Don’t’s :

  1. Avoid splashing of water directly in the eye for 5-7 days.
  2. Avoid eye rubbing and eye makeup for 15-20 days.
  3. Contact sports including swimming should be avoided for 4 weeks.

Most people are comfortable to join work 1-2 days after LASIK but individual variations do occur



  1. LASIK is an OPD Out Patient Procedure.
  2. No hospitalization is required.
  3. No injection is needed in the eye.
  4. Time is about 5 minutes per eye.
  5. It is safe, accurate, painless and has a quick recovery.


Why choose us?

At AGRAWAL EYE HOSPITAL and SANJEEVANI LASIK CENTRE we are equipped with the worlds best LASIK machines the SCWHIND AMARIS 750s from Germany Excimer laser and FS 200 Femtosecond Laser by Alcon (Blade free laser). We are the first center in Maharashtra with AMARIS 750 platform.These machines help us to customized your treatment plan as per your topography and corneal curvature. SCWHIND platform is known for its customized laser treatments. These machines helps us to customized your treatment plan as per your topography and corneal curvature.

Feel free to contact us we can help you understand in detail and guide you further about LASIK and other options which is best suited for your needs and requirements. Please feel free to contact us for any further queries or doubts. We are always glad to help you.


Excimer Machine – SCWHIND AMARIS 750s from Germany

Femtosecond Laser to make LASIK Flap- FS 200 by Alcon