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Phakic intraocular lens (PIOL) /ICL Treatment

  • • This is a relatively newer technique for correcting the refractive errors that cannot be corrected by corneal based refractive procedures. These lenses are implanted into the eye to correct vision without taking out the natural lens.
  • • PIOLs are made of clear synthetic material and sit either just in front of, or just behind, the pupil – a bit like building your contact lenses into your eyes.
  • • PIOL implantation is effective in treating high spectacle prescriptions, and is widely used to treat younger patients who are not suitable for laser eye surgery. This is a soft flexible implant designed to sit just behind the pupil and in front of the natural lens. You cannot see or feel the lenses after implantation, and you do not need to clean them.
  • • PIOLs are highly effective at treating both high spectacle prescriptions and astigmatism. For most patients, vision after PIOL surgery is better than in glasses or contact lenses before surgery without the discomfort and limitations of the glasses or contact lenses.
  • • Since it is placed over the natural lens it helps preserve the natural accomodation of the patient and hence one does not require reading glasses which may be required if clear lens extraction option is chosses to remove the glasses.
  • • PIOLs is indicated in young patients who are unsuitable for laser vision correction. This is because PIOLs can correct a wider range of spectacle prescriptions than laser vision correction upto 30 diopter spherical and 6 diopter clylinder, and may be a safer option if one has a pre- existing cornea or eye surface problems.
  • • PIOLs are also a good options for patients with weaker corneas like keratoconus or PMD PellucidMarginal Degeneration who are not suitable for LASIK or any corneal based refractive surgery.
  • • PIOLs is a safe effective and a quick procedure and like LASIK it is also a day care procedure not requiring hospital admission, injection, suture or pad and bandage. It takes lesser than 10 mins for the entire surgery.
  • • For further details you an contact us and our team will be glad to help you understand better.


Phakic lens inside the eye

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