With Blade Lasik

LASIK laser eye surgery has successfully improved the vision of millions of people. The popularity of LASIK can be attributed to the desire of people who want to end their dependency on glasses or contacts and the high success rate of the surgery.

If you are considering LASIK eye surgery, it means you are living with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, and probably currently wear glasses or contact lenses. LASIK is a great way to reduce your dependence on, or completely free yourself from, corrective lenses. It may be especially appealing because of your profession or lifestyle. It could be that you cannot wear contact lenses and dislike the appearance of glasses, or you may just want to reduce the expense and hassle of glasses and contacts.

Agrawal Eye Hospital is proud to announce the installation of Allegretto Wave Eye-Q (400Hz) by Wavelight – the one of its kind in Mumbai.

» It offers the laser vision correction procedure, which takes just few minutes to perform and is way ahead of conventional LASIK surgery.
» The procedure involves use of satellite mapping technology that builds a 3-D image of the eye and its visual pathway so that the laser can be targeted with unprecedented accuracy.
» The procedure is painless; it is done as an out patient procedure.
» Clarity of vision by next day.


Laser vision correction is the method of reshaping the cornea to eliminate the need for glasses or contact lens. The lasik surgery is done by creating a thin flap by a device called microkeratome, which is a third generation instrument which literally guarantees total safety with perfect results using a patented ultra sophisticated computer controlled system. The exposed cornea is treated with a cool gentle beam from the excimer laser. Once the laser is applied (which takes only a few seconds) the surgeon places the flap back. It is a painless procedure where both eyes are treated simultaneously.

Know Your Machine:


Equipped with all the advantages of the well proven ALLEGRETTO WAVE technology, the Eye-Q is one step further towards optimum laser vision correction.

Its proven state of the art technology provides superior results in Wavefront Optimized, wave front guided, topography guided and Q-value adjusted laser vision. The Allegreto Wave Eye-Q by Wavelight provides both surgeon and patient with a higher level of safety and reliability.

The Eye-Q features additional technological innovations such as an enhanced pulse frequency of 400Hz, an eye tracking system adjusted to the high speed of the laser beam and a cross line projector for precise centration.

With the integrated and innovative NeuroTrack module for cyclotorsion control and its user friendly software the Eye-Q provides the physician with the opportunity of choosing a high class treatment for his patient.



Know your Surgeon:

Dr. Shyam AgrawalThe job of the surgeon is not only to perform the surgery but also to carefully select the patients by analyzing the cornea pre operatively and rejecting patients who are not eligible for the procedure.

FDA Approval:

Allegrato Wave Laser is FDA approved for

» Myopia upto -12D with of without astigmatism upto -6 D
» Hyperopia upto +6 D with or without astigmatism upto + 5D