Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty ( SLT) – Reduce Intra Ocular Pressure


SLT is a surgical procedure that helps to drain out fluids in the eye to reduce intra-ocular pressure. If left unattended, this intra-ocular pressure will damage the optic nerve and cause loss of vision.

The procedure involves the application of short pulses of low energy laser light targeted at melanin-containing cells in a network of tiny channels, called the trabecular meshwork.

The low-energy laser light that is used in the procedure is less traumatic than Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty (ALT) which until recently was the standard response to this condition.

ALT causes tissue destruction and scarring of healthy cells surrounding the melanin-containing cells.

In comparison, SLT is selective and leaves healthy cells intact while destroying the targeted melanin-containing cells.


SLT is for patients diagnosed with glaucoma and whose doctor has concluded that this is the appropriate procedure to relieve intro-ocular pressure.


The procedure is less traumatic as compared to the conventional ALT. Since the laser is administered to selective melanin-containing cells, there is no collateral damage to adjacent cells and tissues.