Discover the world of freedom from glasses.

Get freedom from glasses, Get LASIK with the Worlds best Blade free LASIK- OptiLASIK-FEMTOLASIK). Read directly from our patients experience, discover the whole new world hidden behind the glasses.

I’m really happy after the Lasik surgery.
Before when I had specs I faced alot of problems like:
1. Specs are the first thing that I needed early morning as soon as I get up. Else it was difficult to manage.
2. By any chance If I forgot my specs at home then I used to get headache that used to last long which affected my work.
3. Watching 3D movies was a pain.
4.During monsoon its very difficult as every time glasses need to be kept dry else it would be difficult to see.
5.Lenses were helpful to a certain extent but they were not complete solution as I couldn’t sleep with them if tired.
6. Everytime the lenses need to be changed because of expiry and care needs to be taken so that eyes are not affected.
7.Viewing far objects like boards, Train Indicators , BEST Bus numbers was difficult
All my problems have been resolved with Lasik. Now I can watch movies and go for any it 3D or normal.
Headache issues have been resolved.
Thank you very much Dr. Shyam Agrawal and team

I m enjoying a spectacle free life after getting my LASIK done at Dr Shyam Agrawals clinic. Earlier I used to wear contact lenses as an option for glasses but was always concerned for eye dryness. Post LASIK I am able to enjoy swimming and other sports activities without any obstacle.

I used to wear high power glasses earlier which were very uncomfortable and it was adding a negative aspect on my beauty. But now after getting my lasik done by Dr Shyam Agrawal I have been able to redifine a new glass free life with no harm to my eyes

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